Manuscript files may be submitted to PubMed Central Canada by a Principal Investigator (PI) who has received funding from CIHR. If you are a CIHR funded Principal Investigator, and you do not yet have a PMC Canada Manuscript Submission System Account, please contact the CIHR Help Desk.

See PMC Canada Submission FAQs for more information.

CIHR has always used a grant number plus version suffix (i.e., "735412-2") to identify grants that have been renewed or extended. Until February 2013, PMC Canada (as modeled on the PMC (U.S.) Manuscript Submission System) used only the base grant number (i.e., "735412"). This meant that all manuscripts associated with a particular grant would be associated with the base grant number, regardless of whether the grant had been renewed or extended.

In order to ensure that each grant extension or renewal is properly identified, the version suffix has now been appended to all grants.